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Button cell/watch battery cross reference

Button cells are available in the same size under different manufacturer specific names. 1.5V cells are available as alkaline batteries or as more expensive but more durable silver oxide batteries. The alkaline and silver oxide batteries used to have different names. E.g LR44 was an alkaline battery and SR44 was a silver oxide battery of the same size. Many manufacturers started however to print multiple names onto their battery packages and use them now interchangeably. Thus if you want to know if a given battery is Silver Oxide or Alkaline then you have to look for those words on the package. You can not trust the name alone.

The varta battery number starts with a "v". It is in most cases the most commonly used name and I use it as index to the below table.

If you have an old watch with no battery in it then measure the size (hight and diameter) of the battery holder to find a matching battery.

The most common watch batteries are V371 (quality men's watches) and V377 (quality lady's watches and most cheap made in china movements).

LR44/V357 is a very common pocket calculator battery.

CR2032 is the most common lithium button cell (3V) and is not part of this cross reference. Lithium button cells are normally named after their size (CR2032=20mm x 3.2mm) and all manufacturers use the same name or at least the same numbers prefixed by different letters. A cross reference is therefore not required for lithium buttons cells.

Name Equivalents Battery Size(mm)
V315SR716SW 315 RW316 614 SR67 SR7167.9 x 1.6
V317SR516SW 317 616 SR62 SR5165.8 x 1.6
V319SR527SW 319 RW328 615 SR64 SR527 S526E5.8 x 2.7
V321SR616SW V321 D321 611 SR65 SR6166.8 x 1.6
V329SR731SW 329 D3297.9 x 3.1
V335SR512SW 335 D335 6225.8 x 1.2
V337SR416SW 3374.8 x 1.6
V357LR44 SR44W 357 SR44 D357H 228 SR1154 303 AG13 ZA625 RW42 S76E 157 SR44SW EPX76 MS76 D30311.6 x 5.4
V362362 SR721SW 601 SR58 SR721 361 SR721W RW310 V3617.9 x 2.1
V364SR621SW 364 D364 602 SR60 SR621 RW3206.8 x 2.1
V371171 371 SR920SW D371 605 SR69 SR921 RW315 SG6 AG6 LR9209.5 x 2.0
V373SR916SW 373RW317 617 SR68 SR916 9.5 x 1.6
V377377 376 G4A L626 SR626SW 606 SR66 SR626 AG4 RW3296.8 x 2.65
V379SR521SW V379 D379 618 SR63 SR521 RW3275.8 x 2.1
V386SR43W 386 D386 260 SR43 SR1142 301 SR43SW V301 RW44 LR43 AG1211.6 x 4.2
V390SR1130SW 390 D390 387 389 603 SR54 SR1130 LR1131 189 RW39 RW49 AG10 SG10 10L12211.6 x 3.1
V391SR1120W 391 D391 609 SR1121 381 AG8 SR55 LR55 L1120 LR1120 L1121 LR1121 D381 GP391 280-30C CA26 19111.6 x 2.1
V392392 SR41W D392 247B SR41 LR41 SR736 384 SR41SW V384 D3847.9 x 3.6
V394SR936SW 394 D394 625 SR45 SR936 380 SR936W RW33 10L126 AG9 SG9 LR45 1959.5 x 3.6
V395/V399SR927SW 395 D395 610 926 926E GP399 613 SR57 SR927 399 SR927W V399 D399 RW313 AG7 G7 LR9279.5 x 2.7
V397397 SR726S D397 607 SR59 SR726 396 SR726W V396 D396 612 AG37.9 x 2.6

Very common battery types are marked in bold.

Please contact me if you find any errors in the table or you have any suggestions for improvements.

Wikipedia has now a comprehensive battery cross reference available (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_battery_sizes).

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